Lewis Motors Turbo’s have returned after Christmas to work off their Christmas waist lines. Tonight they played the Phillies and lost 46 – 28, outplayed by a rather tall GS, despite Lou appearing like she would come apart at the seams for all her defending efforts!

Abbey Chard GD has returned to the courts after the very early arrival of baby Lucy 6 weeks ago and is loving being back on the court rather than watching from the sidelines.
The girls have a bye next week so will be back on the courts on 02 February to play Technical Electrical Services 1
Louise Wills (Joint player of the match for the Turbo’s) and Abbey Chard doing their best to defend the very tall Phillies GS
Rochelle Garrad (C), Sarah Slater (WA) look on as Claire Upton (GS) slots in another goal for the Turbo’s, deservedly achieving joint Best Player of the match