Independent Specialists in BMW cars

Welcome! We are Blackpool's original specialists in BMW car repairs and servicing.
Covering everything from recovery, pick up & drop off (Local area only), brakes, air conditioning, exhausts, clutches, automatic transmissions, steering alignments on all BMW models.

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Welcome to Lewis Motors – BMW Blackpool

Independent Specialists in BMW cars

Lewis Motors is a well managed and organised service centre team based in Blackpool that starts work on your car as soon as it arrives at the garage. Qualified MOT Motor mechanic/technicians experienced in the repairs of BMW cars who will deliver a properly repaired and serviced vehicle on time and at the quoted price – a quoted price that’s much less than the price you’d pay for a BMW Main Dealer service.

Bmw reconditioned control modules available with 3 months warranty
Also huge stock of Bmw classic parts available.

E10 Petrol – What you need to know

E10 Petrol is the government new petrol grade being introduced to help produce a more eco friendly level of emissions from our vehicles. If E10 fuel is put in an incompatible car, it will still run, according to the RAC, But in the long run, it could cause damage to rubber seals, plastics and metals. There have also been reports E10 is a less stable fuel, the RAC says You can read in detail about it at

E10 petrol: What is it and can my car run on it?

Check if your vehicle can run on E10 petrol

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Payment Assist Available

Lewis Motors offers payment assist making the cost of vehicle repairs manageable

Join over 500,000 happy customers and spread your bill over easy monthly instalments with Payment Assist.

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Size Matters

  • Too Small

    The ‘one man and a spanner garage’ may well be a friendly, helpful chap, but they can’t afford to invest in the capital equipment modern car servicing needs. A garage that is too small just can’t provide the technical and computer equipment needed to provide optimum car servicing.

  • Too Large

    If your service centre is too large the mechanics never meet the customers face to face – they are just anonymous unknown car drivers – knowing the service customer and their car they drive creates a personal connection.

  • Just Right

    Talk to John or one of his team of five car service and repair specialists,  they’ll look after you, and your car, with honest, good value car maintenance.

Lewis Motors Blackpool BMW specialists technicians are fast, reliable and affordable. With over 30 years of trusted experience, a high-quality service is assured. Call now on 01253 344892.