7 Reasons to BUY a Used BMW!


You’re only paying a fraction of the cost for a used BMW – a brand new 5 Series costs over £41,000, whereas as used one from 2010 costs only £15,000 and it has 18,000 miles onboard, so you’re paying only one-third of the price. An older BMW 3 series e90 with low mileage, in excellent condition, costs 4 to 9 thousand pounds, whereas a brand new one costs over £26,000. An M model is also much cheaper – you can get an M3 e92 from Germany at just £23,000. It was almost £76k when it was new. Also, maintenance costs drop significantly if the car is older, so you’re paying a fraction of the maintenance costs. Again, you win!

Drifting & Fun

BMW is probably the most popular car when it comes to drifting. Enthusiasts purchase M models to drift and please don’t make the following confusion – M models com with Limited Slip Differentials as standard, whereas standard models don’t. So if you’re planning to buy a 330i for example, you should be adding a custom limited slip differential. It’s a bit pricy, but it’s worth it. Also, limited slip differentials help you a lot during winter.


I haven’t seen a BMW with less than 100hp, and for some drivers, it may seem powerful. BMWs have great brakes. In fact I think they’re huge. As a MOT tester, I can certify that BMW have insane brakes – I haven’t seen a single one to fail the MOT brake test, so thumbs up BMW! Accelerations are great, even from 15 year old BMWs, steering is precise, handling is excellent, the overall height is pretty low for all models compared to lots of other cars.


I like that BMW offers a wide diversity of models and engines to choose from. If you’re comfortable with a 2.0L inline4, OK, if you would like some more juice, you can get a 325i, if you want an awesome car with AWD and a lot of power, you can get a 330xi. You can literally get a model from 100 to 580hp. You can also have lots of wheels to choose from. You can have 16″ rims on your 1 series or you can have 21″ wheels on your 7-series.


What can be more reliable than a naturally aspirated inline6? It’s true that nowadays we’re shifting to turbocharged and twin-turbocharged engines, or how BMW likes to brand their engines – Twin-Power Turbo engines, but you can still get a used BMW with an extremely reliable engine.

The inline6 engines used in BMWs are the amongst the most reliable engines – they’re far better than a V6 or an Inline4. Right now, they’re using inline6 engines on most of their models – 1-series, 3-series, 4-series, 5-series, 6-series, 7-series, X-models and even M-models – the M4, the M3, the M2. If it wasn’t that good, BMW wouldn’t have used it.


BMW cares about taxes and fuel economy and the environment, but they refused to mass produce 1.0L turbocharged inline 3 engines like their friends from Audi did. I own an Audi and I’m happy with it, but I won’t buy another one in the future. They have disappointed me completely.


BMW’s have great interiors and features. Everything feels premium, everything feels expensive (well, it is), but it makes you feel like everything is worth every penny. The design is also great, and some BMW models look way better compared to their rivals. They look mean, aggressive, stylish, and everything is thought to be ergonomic.