The Lewis Motors Team

Jon is the owner of Lewis Motors. He is also a qualified Technician and MOT Tester. Like many of us on this rainy island, he hates the cold, and also dislikes gardening and cooking. He loves to cycle and has a keen interest in travel. His dream car is a Porsche 959.

Rod is the manager at Lewis Motors. He’s an experienced Technician and MOT Tester, whose dream car is a Ferrari Dino. He enjoys ice hockey, golf and music, although he’s not a fan of Smooth FM nor does he like boats or rollercoasters.

Kris is a qualified MOT Tester and Technician, with a love for mountain biking, motorbikes and travelling. He’d love to be driving a Bugatti Veyron, yet his dislikes are coffee, spicy food and smoking.

Paul is a technician and MOT tester who enjoys photography, cats and travel. He’s not a big fan of heights, hates untidiness and doesn’t like the dark. His dream car is a Ford Model T. (That’s really old.)

Karl is a technician and MOT tester who enjoys spending time fishing, watching football and travelling. He’s really hates flat beer, traffic jams and doesn’t like the flying. His dream car would be a Jaguar XF.

Abbey takes charge of administration at Lewis Motors. She’s not fussy when it comes to cars; anything with a good heater is a dream. She enjoys Thai food, netball and travelling, but she dislikes hair straighteners that don’t get hot enough and car parts being left in her office (hint hint).

Ken heads stock control. His dream car is a Vauxhall Zafira. He enjoys gardening, art and travel, yet his dislikes are alcohol, sport and anything modern.

You’ll have to pop in on a Saturday to meet Alex. His dream car is a Lamborghini Murcielago. He loves football, Indian food and his PlayStation 4, yet he dislikes smoking, homework and anything old fashioned. As you can see, Ken and Alex clearly have a lot in common!