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We get a lot of people coming into the garage asking if we can help them after they have been quoted high prices for repairs  by the main dealer.  Main dealers are tied to the manufacturers repair procedures which often don’t make sense for an older car.
As an example if a new immobiliser module needed replacing they would charge for replacing the part and then a full software update would be performed.  These software updates can take a long time and as such can cost a lot of money.  Here at Lewis Motors although we have the same diagnostic equipment as the dealers, we also use Autologic diagnostics as well which allows us to code & re-program vehicle software as required, and also alter engine management parameters to allow for older slightly worn components rather than just replacing parts with new which could cost hundreds of pounds. Lots of specialists like to impress upon people that they use the same equipment as the main dealer, which sounds impressive, but we feel that to be truly independent its important not to be tied to, or be at the mercy of, the vehicle manufacturer.