10 Best BMW Buying Tips: 5 New and 5 Pre-Owned

We all know and love BMW’s. Some of us can afford brand new, some of us can’t. Some have the money but they would rather spend it on an older BMW. This is all fine and well. No matter what BMW you get, you just bought a BMW. And if you are an enthusiast then hell yes! The more the merrier.

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Lewis Motors Turbo’s vs FNC Select

Lewis Motors Turbo’s had another tough week with a 47 – 12 loss to FNC Select. Just check out the height difference between our GS Claire and FNC GK!! All credit to the FNC girls. Best player for the Turbo’s tonight picked by the opposition went to Sarah, our GD, great work! Sarah is looking […]

Dangers of Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Driving is considered to be a dangerous task that should always be practiced with the upmost caution and precision. Though there are many factors that can potentially cause an accident to take place (i.e. drinking and driving, texting while driving, poor weather conditions, etc.), there is one element that each driver and passenger can control and should constantly be conscious of—wearing a seatbelt. Despite your age or common placement in the vehicle, (front or back seat), we encourage you to read further to see various statistics on driving without a seat belt.

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Lewis Motors Turbo’s vs Automart

The Lewis Motors Turbo’s currently play in the Fylde Netball League Competition in Division One They play on Tuesday nights and this week (Tuesday 10.11.15) the girls played Automart. The final score was 50 – 27 to Automart.